Concierge Service: An Advisor When You Need One

Modern life is complicated. More than ever, tax, financial and legal issues are creeping into tasks that used to seem simple. More than a traditional attorney, you may need an advisor for ongoing life events (large and small). But you may think that consulting an advisor for each issue gets expensive quickly. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Your personal circumstances have changed, or new tax laws have been enacted, and you need someone to remind you that your will and estate plan have become out-of-date (even if you’ve forgotten to schedule a review of your affairs).
  • You need your tax return prepared by someone more than just by a “tax preparer”. You need someone with deep knowledge of the law to accurately prepare the return. You also need a trusted advisor to make suggestions each year for future tax savings.
  • You need to know if you’ve saved enough for your retirement, or for your children’s college education.
  • You’re embarrassed about calling a lawyer because it’s just a “quick question”, but it’s a big deal to you and your family.

You deserve a unique service that fits your needs. You deserve a trusted advisor to help you make informed tax, financial, legal and business decisions for you and your family without having to worry about how much “billable time” that advice will rack up.

If you choose to add my Concierge Service to your estate plan or tax preparation engagement, you would be covered by tax, financial, and legal advice from me in all of the situations listed above (and many more) for one flat annual fee** with no additional hourly billing for covered services. Having lived at the Jersey Shore my entire life, and having practiced at the Jersey Shore my entire career, there’s a good chance I’ve helped one of your friends, relatives, or colleagues in the past. I’d like to help you as well. If you’re interested in adding the Concierge Service to your account, give me a call at 609.677.0010.

**Restrictions apply to the types and scope of services provided under the flat annual fee, which will be detailed in a written fee agreement. Please call for more details. All fees are ultimately controlled by a signed fee agreement. Fees are subject to change.